Tree of Life Mug

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Shannon Wong creates her beautiful and functional artisanal pottery in Portland, ME. As a potter, Shannon finds the act of creating meditative, centering and therapeutic.  It is the natural world that fuels Shannon’s creative process, thus you will often see natural motifs infused into her art. 

Shannon takes the traditional Tree of Life and incorporates hearts within the branches, adding a touch whimsy to this meaningful symbol.  

* Speckled cream. 

* Wheel thrown, hand glazed, and created for everyday use. 

* Features a comfortable and generous handle with thumb rest!

* Designed and handcrafted in Maine, each mug is fired twice to over 2000 degrees Fahrenheit, creating an extremely durable piece of pottery. 

* Dishwasher and microwave safe. To extend the life of the mug hand-washing is recommended.