Dahlov Ipcar's ~ Wild Animal Alphabet

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About the author: 

Born in Vermont and raised in Greenwich Village, Dahlov Ipcar (1917-2017) summered in Maine after her parents bought a farm on Georgetown Island in 1923. After moving back to Maine from New York City with her husband in 1937, Dahlov Ipcar had almost given up hope on her artistic aspirations. In the early 1940’s a New York publisher contacted her to illustrate a new children’s book The Little Fisherman.  Dahlov Ipcar eagerly accepted the offer and thus began her bountiful journey.

Dahlov Ipcar has written and illustrated more than 30 children’s books over the course of her professional career.

About the book:

The second board book from Maine artist Dahlov Ipcar, following Dahlov Ipcar's Farmyard Alphabet, draws on illustrations from ten of Ipcar's previous children's books, most of which are out of print, as well as some of her fine art paintings. Her original rhyming couplets take readers on a fantastic trip from antelopes to tigers all the way to "Z is for Zebra, who always comes last."

6" x 6"